Two Tone Hot/Cold Pack
Two Tone Hot/Cold Pack
Two Tone Hot/Cold Pack


Two Tone Hot/Cold Pack

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The Utility Co Rice Pack is the perfect addition to your reusables collection all year round.

Each pack has been handmade in our Richmond studio using 100% linen fabric and is filled with Australian grown rice.

Simply place pack in the microwave and heat in 30 second intervals for up to 90 seconds, until desired warmth is achieved. Alternatively, place pack in freezer for a soothing cold pack. 

Dimensions: Approx. 48cm L x 14cm H

Made in Melbourne 

Please note: 

Heat packs can be a dangerous fire hazard if used incorrectly so please follow heating directions closely.

Do not leave heat pack unattended whilst heating. 

Make sure you check temperature before placing directly on skin.