The Iso Love You Box - Number One
The Iso Love You Box - Number One

The Iso Love You Box - Number One

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The Iso Love You Box is full of Melbourne made products that have been designed to make your daily routine just that little bit nicer. All products within this box have been thoughtfully designed and consciously made to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle. This is the perfect feel good gift to purchase for yourself or to send to someone you love. Each gift pack will be beautifully packaged and ready to gift.

This wonderfully curated pack contains the following items:

REUSABLE SOAP BAG - The Utility Co, Richmond. Made from 100% cotton, The Utility Co soap bag has been designed to reduce the use of plastic in the bathroom. This bag not only works as a lovely exfoliant, but it will also extend the life of your soap bar or ball. 

HAND-ROLLED SOAP BALL- Est, Hawthorn.  Choose one -Cinnamon and orange spice or Cypress, orange, black clay and clove. Made in Melbourne by our favourite soap wizards; Est. This hand rolled olive oil soap has been produced from the highest quality cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. The final product being a lovely earthy fragrance with a fine exfoliating characteristic. 

REUSABLE MAKE UP REMOVAL SQUARES (SET OF 3)- The Utility Co, Richmond. These squares have been designed to replace disposable facial wipes when removing make up or washing your face. Made from 100% cotton mesh, this product not only removes make up, but also provides a lovely exfoliation. The strategic placement of our label means that there is a space for your hand to grip the square when in use.